Completely Delete ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups

I am in a very serious problem. Suddenly my browser is showing a error message. This message is also shown in computer screen. The message says that ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’. The message is showing from last few days. I am really worried about my computer.

‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups is a vicious computer virus which shows false error messages on the computer to mislead the user. This is a kind of adware, only it works to scam the user and make money from them. The virus will start to display a message on the computer which will say that Microsoft has detected a Trojan horse or a similar virus on the computer and it has blocked the computer. This is a false message which is created by the ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups adware. Do not trust this message. The users will also be asked to all a support number to get in contact with cyber crooks in the name of fixing the issue.

It is not a good idea to call the number suggested by ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups. The crooks sitting at this so called fake helpline number can take money from the user. When a user will call this number they will get notified from the other side that they have to pay a service charge. This is where these crooks will scam the victim of the virus. The crooks sitting at ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups are also loaded with programs like TeamViewer and LogMeIn. These crooks will also ask the user of the computer that they should also download one of these programs to get connected from the system. It is not a good idea to let these criminals inside your computer.

The cyber criminals at ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups will want to get inside the computer of the user. They will do this in the name of fixing the issue on the computer. Once inside your computer, these crooks will be able to get full access of your computer system. They can access sensitive and personal data from the system. For example, these crooks can make copies of pictures from your system and sell these copies to third parties over the internet. Those people can misuse your pictures the way they want. These people will also gain full control over the system. They can make changes to the security settings of the computer. We recommend our readers to uninstall ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups as early as possible.

Steps to Remove ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups From Windows PC:-

Step 1: Click on Start button and select Restart option. During the booting process, you need to tap F8 key continuously. From the Windows Advanced options, you need to select “Safe Mode with Networking” using the arrow key.

Step 2: Select and remove all the suspicious and hidden files related to ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups completely from the system.

Step 3: Open Run command by pressing Win + R keys together. Type “regedit” to open Windows Registry Editor. You will detect lots of fake codes and entries. Select the unwanted entries and remove them immediately from the PC.

Step 4: Press Alt + Ctrl + Del keys to open Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab. Identify the fake running processes and click on End Processes option.

Step 5: Click on Start button and select Control Panel option. Go to “Programs and Features” category. Select the unwanted programs associated with ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups and click on Uninstall button.

Automatic Method to Delete ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups:-

Manual removal steps are complicated, lengthy and consume more time. In order to follow these steps, you need to be technically sound. If any step goes wrong then it will create more troubles for the users. So, we suggest our users to make use of Free ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups Scanner. It is an automatic tool which can be easily understand and handled by the novice users. It is designed by technical experts who can perform deep scanning process in the system by using powerful algorithms. This tool will not only help you to remove malicious threats but also enhance the PC performance speed as well as protect from future attacks. With this software, you will get advanced features like Network Sentry, Custom Scan, System Guard, Scan Scheduler, Spyware helpdesk, Exclusions and many more. Hence, you can download the trial version of the software to check its working efficiency.

Prevention Tips to Protect the PC from ‘Microsoft Corporation Has Blocked Your PC’ Pop-Ups in Future:-

After removing the program with free scanner, you need to take some preventive measures. It will protect your system from future attacks of malignant threats such as spyware and malware. Some of the common points are mentioned below:-

  • Do not download free software from unauthorized pages.
  • Avoid opening the spam email with attachments send by the unknown person.
  • Enable Windows Firewall alert to block suspicious incoming connections.
  • Scan your PC by using powerful and updated antivirus program.
  • Try to avoid clicking on random pop ups, advertisements during the surfing session.
  • Before using any removable media, you need to scan it properly.

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