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From last day my browser is behaving very unusually, whenever I m trying to search anything on Google it is taking me to, in a hurry I even searched on this very engine considering it to be genuine. Since then even more issues are taking place in my system pop-ups are randomly appearing out of anywhere. Even it is taking too long for the applications to load. Can anyone suggest how to overcome this issue, any help in the content would be great! is another fake search engine or say a browser redirect threat that is presented to users as a genuine search portal that claims to provide search results same as other search engine Google. Even the look and feel of the website is similar to Google with the only exception being that of App drawer present in top right corner and search lens for exploring category specific results. Even users are even misguided as it to be a edition of Google itself. The creator behind is search engage Ltd with profit making intention and it has past record of creating several such replica all of which has been difficult for users to deal with.

Cyber researchers have reported to be engaged in task of browser hijacking & redirection to suspicious websites which is harmful for overall performance of the infected Windows PC. On a clear note it is hard to find out the exact factor leading its entrance in system and is usually added as an addon in the commonly used web browser – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. The settings added on to the compromised system post infection then do several unwanted modifications to hamper the user’s browsing experience completely. Owing to the issues it causes experts recommend to remove at the immediate once detected.

Symptoms and Problems associated with Redirect Virus

  1. Unusual unwanted redirection to the malicious websites

  2. The websites that open up shown pop-up advertisements and provoke users to click on it by claiming to provide lucrative offers
  3. Website text gets changed into random links which at times lead to other un-trusted webpage
  4. Sluggish performance of the PC, including slowed internet connectivity
  5. Failure to antivirus or other security programs
  6. Abrupt showdown of system or running applications

How to manually Delete from Windows PC

Step 1: Firstly, click on Start button and select Restart option. During the booting process, you need to press F8 key continuously. You will detect Windows Advanced Options will appear on the screen. Now, select “Safe Mode with Networking” option with the help of arrow key.

Step 2: Select and remove bogus files, folders, icons and shortcuts from different location of the system which are related to

Step 3: Open Run command by pressing Win + R keys together. In the Run box, type “regedit” and click on OK button. Then Windows Registry Editor will appear on the screen. You need to select all the fake codes or entries and remove them quickly from the PC.

Step 4: Open Task manager by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del keys together. Click on the Processes tab. Select the suspicious processes associated with and click on End processes option.

Step 5: Open Control Panel by clicking on Start menu. Go to Programs and Features option. Identify the bogus programs related to and click on Uninstall button.

Note: – The above steps requires skilled technical knowledge and is time consuming and cumbersome too. Incorrect changes may lead you to even more trouble and irreparable damage in PC and data loss so forth.

Guidelines to Get Rid of Automatically

It is in all cases suggested to opt for equipped Automatic Removal Tool when it comes to deleting and getting over all system threats permanently. It scan every corner of the hard disk drive and locate each and every file, setting and process added by the installed browser redirect infection It is compatible with entire range of Windows PC including latest Windows 8 & 10. Most important its interface is GUI based as such even non technical users won’t face any issues while operating the software. So free download Removal Tool to get rid of the infection and issues thereof easily and quickly as well.

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