Get Rid of Magic PC Cleaner – Magic PC Cleaner Removal Guide

Magic PC Cleaner named software has somehow been installed in my PC and is giving critical warning and error of damage in the system. When I tried to fix it off, it asked me to buy the full version I have even done that. But this did not work the errors are continuously been shown to me. Later on searching Internet I came to know that it is a fake app, now I m in immediate need to remove it off.

Magic PC Cleaner

Magic PC Cleaner is basically a fake security software and is presented to users as an Windows optimization utility meant to detect and fix errors in the system. It claims to improve system performance and much more to make it fast performing. It disguises users by claiming to provide round the clock protection from cookies, junk files, and system and browser error to name a few. Right after getting installed it presents number of alerts stating critical problems with the PC and then asks user to fix the same with the optimization tool. It lists the problem under different head as system and browser error, advanced and so forth and reports high level of damage in the computer. It then asks user to fix the reported issues but as soon as the user makes an effort to do so it asks you to buy the full version of Magic PC Cleaner software.

This is how Magic PC Cleaner intends to make money by fooling users and making money by selling its fake application. It would turn off the security programs and hinder users from accessing applications too and the fabricated messages are time are again generated to mislead users and convince them for buying it. Not only this the system performance is slowed down and it creates situations as such if all these problem are actually there. So, experts recommend removing the bogus utility right away. Because as long as it stays there in the PC, its vitality is in danger and it may intrude other unwanted malicious programs thereon without user acknowledgement. The easy and suggested solution for Magic PC Cleaner removal is Automatic Removal tool designed with efficient fix & recovery capabilities.

How to Manually Delete Magic PC Cleaner?

Step 1 – Delete Magic PC Cleaner and all other malware from Control Panel.

1. Press “Win + R key” together to open Run window:

2. Type “control panel” in Run window and then hit Enter key to open Control Panel:
3. After that, click Uninstall a program:

4. Right-click on Magic PC Cleaner or other unwanted programs and then click Uninstall:

Step 2 – Remove Magic PC Cleaner from Chrome, IE, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

CHROME- Launch up Google Chrome> click menu > move to Tools> click Extension> and then select Magic PC Cleaner and other unwanted extensions> click trash bin

MOZILLA FIREFOX: Open Firefox, then navigate to its browser menu which is in the top right > select Add-ons > select Magic PC Cleaner and other unwanted extensions and add-ons > delete it with Disable or Remove button.

INTERNET EXPLORER – Open Internet Explorer >click Tools > click Manager Add-on Tools and Extensions> select Magic PC Cleaner and other unwanted extensions and add-ons > click Delete or Disable button.

MICROSOFT EDGE – Reset Microsoft Edge homepage: Click More (…) > after that, click Settings > select A specific page or pages under “Open with” menu > and then select Custom to type your favourite website.

Step 3- Delete Magic PC Cleaner From Registry Editor

Type ‘Win + R’ to open Run command box and then Type ‘regedit’ and then hit OK button.

It will open Windows Registry Editor and then delete all the corrupt registries added by this malware.

Tips: – The manual steps described above are not only tedious and time consuming but also requires you to be technically expert in handling things off. If any incorrect editing is done in between system may become even more complicated to deal with.

Guidelines for Automatic Magic PC Cleaner Removal from Windows PC

To aid in quick and complete removal of Magic PC Cleaner it is required to use advanced and easy to use Automatic Removal Tool that is engineered on the basis of extensive scanning algorithm to scan the system for locating all possible traces of threat which can thereafter be cleaned from PC. It is capably designed to detect rootkits which are efficient in hiding deep in the disk drive and initiates every time the PC boots up. The Removal tool is designed to work with all Windows PC including latest Windows 10. Its specialty lies in the function that it provides real time protection against all future threat entrants.

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