WannaCry Removal – Computer across 150 countries affected by WannaCry Ransomware

Today morning when I started my Windows 7, I was totally shocked to find it attacked by Ransomware ‘WannaCry’ which is asking to pay ransom of $300 bitcoin, else I will lose my file. I am unable to understand what went wrong with my system because I worked properly till last night. I am unable to do anything on the system, looking for its fix anyone please help as all my important files are there in the PC.


WannaCry is one of the recently identified Ransomware infections that have rapidly spread to 150 countries. Right after inception it carries cryptoviral extortion attack utilizing crypto virology to block access to data files and in lieu of the same it asks to pay some specified amount of money for getting the files unlocked. It does exploit vulnerabilities of windows update to secretly add and install its files which is followed by warning message which locks up the computer screen. It informs of the file encryption and that the documents, database, photos, videos, audios and other files are not accessible and will remain so until you decrypt. Further it states that nothing other than WannaCry’s decryption service can do it for you and for that $300 bitcoin is to be paid.

System all around the globe are at the risk of its infection because it is exploiting vulnerability of Windows to invade and it won’t decrypt files even if you pay the money it asks for. Because it damages the system so badly that things fail to work properly. Important system and configuration files etc are destroyed and several loopholes are brought about that until WannaCry is removed problems will continue to occur. It has even been reported to open backdoor in the system through which chances for other threats to infiltrate the infected computer is considerably high. So, if you have detected this infection then go for the Automatic Removal Tool now to uninstall WannaCry Ransomware completely and permanently.

Common symptoms associated with ‘WannaCry’

  1. Pop-up are generated with the message stating high risk in the PC
  2. Asking to decrypt files by paying Ransom
  3. Prevents legitimate applications from running properly
  4. CPU usage is considerably increased and overall performance of the system is slowed down
  5. Windows registry and other system setting file are modified which prevents system from working properly

Manual Removal Guide for WannaCry Ransomware

Delete WannaCry  From Google Chrome

Remove all the unwanted link from Homepage and Startup page: Type “chrome://settings/” in the address bar and then you will have to press Enter key.

Now open the Startup pages window by clicking on the “Set pages” Chrome set pages

After that, delete all the unwanted link and then click to OK button.

Now, open the Home page window by clicking on the “Change”

And then delete unwanted link and then click OK button.

After that, check up search engines and then Click on Manage search engines… button to see list of all displayed search engines. Now, you will have to manage search engines in Chrome

Remove all the unwanted search engines by clicking the x mark.

After that, fix the shortcut: right click the Google Chrome’s icon and then click Properties.

Delete all the suspicious link from target section or you can replace the current path with the right path “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”, which is just for reference.

Remove WannaCry  From Mozilla Firefox

First of all, Open Mozilla Firefox, and then click Options.

This link is on the Homepage section. If it is your desired link, its better delete it.

After that navigate to Search tab and then check up all installed search engines.

Uninstall all the suspicious search engines by clicking on Remove button.

Fix the shortcut by Right clicking the icon of Mozilla Firefox and click Properties.

Delete all the suspicious link from Target section or you can replace the current path with the right path “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”

Easy Step to Remove WannaCry

Tips: – The above steps require skilled technical knowledge so as to carry out the steps, because if you end up doing any mistake in between irreparable damage may occur. So be cautious while taking these steps.

How to Automatically Delete WannaCry Ransomware

Automatic Removal tool is the recommended utility to get rid of WannaCry Ransomware, as the name of the utility itself suggests it does automatic scanning to locate infection thereby assuring complete removal in matter of moment. It locates all bits and traces of the infection so that it can no way in future reanimate itself and cause troubles therein. Moreover with its easy graphical user interface the software can be proficiently operated even by novice users. You can free download to try the tool and you will face no compatibility issues as it is supported on all Windows system – Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,8 and latest Windows 10.

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